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20 October 2008

Turning Purple

I'm still fairly new to the gaming scene, but have noticed that I am increasingly spending more of my free time playing WoW than doing...erm...I can't actually think of anything else I'd rather be doing...Hehe

Although I'm chronically incapable of keeping my onlife self divorced from real life, I'd been toying with the idea of setting up this separate site just to catalogue my gaming XP...Hmmm...the verdict is still out on how well I can multi-blog. Thing is, updating the main one has proven to be a struggle (due to all the time I spend in WoW)...which makes me a little dubious about the upkeep of yet another blog. My reasoning - less time writing equals more time gaming.

But then again, it's nice being able to post a few snippets of what I've done, if only for the sake of posterity.

My main has reached 70 at long last, and will soon have to look foward to levelling up again by the time WLK comes out next month. You'd think I would have got all noobish mistakes out of the way by now, but nooo...I've predominantly been soloing, telling myself that other players wouldn't be held back by my general crappiness this way. The result is complete lack of experience in PvP, and plenty of green gear. I've finally seen sense in entering BGs, and got myself some purple stuff, but it's slow-going. Plus, I'm playing a Boomkin, which I have been advised doesn't perform the best in Arenas (considering my partner-in-crime will be a hunter who is MM).

Oh well...Nevermind, you live and learn.

For now, I'm just happy to have all my gaming AVs residing in one place. It would be great to see more people here on the same server as myself, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Feel free to look me up in-game (I really will try NOT to get us all pwned!) or post a comment here. (Oh yeah, hello to all...neglected to do that earlier, sorry!)

I'll admit I'm very slow at replying to messages, but I do get there eventually!

Ok, in-game is definitely better...

Hmm...All this waffling has probably fulfilled my monthly blogging quota to overflowing, so I think I shall go do something about earning that helm I was hoping to get tonight.

PS - As of today (12 July 2009), my hubby has abandoned the Hunter, and rolled a DK and Pally, both of which are now 80. Whew!



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