Maximum OOM-age: November 2008

Maximum OOM-age

I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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21 November 2008

Stop hanging around the beach...It's not a party!

The novelty of having a Death Knight has finally worn off (I'm quite sick of seeing them everywhere now, if truth be told), though I must admit they're pretty challenging characters to play.

What's got me gripped in WLK is one of the new BGs - Strand of the Ancients. Most of us are still very new to it, and you'd be amazed at the number of players who keep asking what they're supposed to do as soon as they enter...Perhaps they have never heard of Google.

I haven't got a strategy as such, but have observed a few things which a lot of people don't seem to be aware of (judging from the number of them milling about)...I guess this blog is more in the nature of Handy Hints (albeit a fairly basic one).




The battleground consists of a beach, beyond which are three terraces (for want of a better word). The first two terraces have 2 gates each - Blue and Green for the first, then Red and Purple (or Amethyst if you want to be pedantic) for the next. The final terrace has only one gate which is Yellow, before you get to the last gate which leads to a room that holds a relic. The objective of this BG, if you are attacking, is to get to the relic within 10 mins. If you are defending, then you must stop the other team from getting to the relic. There are two rounds in all. Your team either starts as attackers or defenders before you swop places in the second round. To help the attackers along the way, are tanks and bombs (stored in barrels). The defenders get guns on top of turrets (two on either side of each gate, except the final one for the relic). There's a ray of light in front of each pair of turrets that can teleport you behind the gate, where there are stairs which take you up to the guns. If neither team gets to the relic in time, the match will be a draw. You'll still get one Mark of Honour though.


1) Use tanks on gates, not enemy players
You will be able to get hold of your tanks as soon as you land on the beach. Just jump on and steam ahead...Ignore turrets and enemy players on the way as you need to save time. Defence should be left to the other members of your team (similar to how you would support FB in WSG). If you are operating the tank, start firing at the gate once you are within range (make sure you keep moving...don't stop for anything), and when you actually get to the gate, alternate between firing and ramming (cooldowns are separate). The tank acts as your armor, so you won't need to worry about your personal HP (only the tank's, which is quite massive).

2) Only one gate per terrace needs to be destroyed
Quite self-explanatory...For the first two terraces, you only need to take down one gate each (doesn't matter which one). Eg. If the Blue gate on the first terrace is already destroyed, DON'T waste time on the Green one. MOVE ON! Remember, you only have 10 mins (and by this time, you'd have even less!). It sometimes helps if your group decides which gate they want to focus on before they get off the ship. In total, you only need to destroy 4 gates.

3) Protect your tanks
Without tanks, it would be more difficult to bring the gates down, so non-driving players must keep the enemies from trying to destroy your tanks. Stop them, distract them or slow them down. Apart from killing those players running after your tanks, you can also take down the ones shooting from the turrets (work out where their blind side is so you can hit them from there) and destroy their guns. The tanks can carry 2 other passengers, apart from the driver, which I have found can be quite useful positions for ranged characters.

4) Get GY ASAP
I can't stress enough how important this is...Once you get past each gate onto a terrace, there will be GYs you can access. Capping them unlocks more tanks and bombs nearby. (Moreover, watching players run past an undefended flag without doing anything about it is a surefire way to get me yelling abuse and subsequently, my neighbours complaining...This must be avoided at all cost.) It's not a difficult concept...No GY means no tanks (unless you want to go all the way back down to the beach and back up again...those tanks don't move terribly fast, you know!) Once a flag is capped, it cannot be changed back, and the Goblin Workshops to the sides will open. Tanks and bombs will appear, and continue to spawn for the duration of the round so you can (and should) have a steady stream of tanks attacking the gates.

5) Make good use of bombs
ALWAYS carry a bomb, even if you might end up driving a tank. Bombs are not as effective as tanks, but they can serve as back-ups in the event that your tank is destroyed before you bring down a gate. If a tank falls apart at the gate itself, I usually try to plant the bomb within the rubble, hoping that the enemy will be so busy trying to kill me they won't notice the bomb...It's been known to work once or twice. Furthermore, if loads of players keep planting bombs, one of them will eventually go off since the opposing team may not get enough time to disarm all of them. Don't forget that any bomb you carry will drop when you die, so you'll have to pick one up again. Some people claim that continuously rushing the gates with bombs alone will work, but I have yet to notice any group succeed at that strategy on my server. A combo of tanks and bombs seem to work best, I've found.


1) Smash their tanks
Make life difficult for the other team as soon as they get off their ship. This is a time game, so employ whatever tactics you can to delay them from getting to their siege engines. Once they do get on their tanks, keep whacking their vehicles with your highest DPS shots. DOTs don't seem to have much effect on these vehicles (apart from the initial hit.) Tanks only spawn in certain areas (eg. Beach and Goblin Workshops)...Start ganking the enemy there. It is actually possible to destroy tanks even before they get anywhere near a gate, but even if that does not happen, you would have lowered its HP to such an extent that it would take next to nothing for a turret (or more specifically, the gun on it) to finish the job.

2) Guard your GY from enemies
Force them to keep running to (and from) the beach. It slows them down even more. They may eventually get to cap it, but hopefully, many minutes would have passed by then, without them getting anywhere nearer to the relic. The more time it takes for them to get to the objective, the closer you are to winning. The turrets on the second wall are actually within range of the GYs, so you can keep firing at them when not otherwise occupied (with blasting tanks)...Keeps rogues out of the way too.

3) Always man your turrets
It's not a good idea to be rushing to the turrets only when there's a tank ramming at the gate! You need to be prepared all the time. When operating the gun, a certain element of guesswork is involved. As the missiles take awhile to land on your target, you need to predict which direction a tank is heading and aim for the area slightly ahead of it.

4) Always defend your turrets
Turrets are easy targets, but there aren't really enough players in this BG for that many to be standing around defending them, so everyone closeby will need to learn how to keep an eye out for members from the opposing team attempting to attack your turrets. It's also quite a good platform for ranged characters to fight from.

5) Watch out for bombs
As mentioned before, someone sneaky might try to plant it within any rubble that's by the gate. I've done it myself, so I know it's possible to get away with it. Also, if an enemy player not with a tank makes a beeline for the gate, there's a pretty good chance he's only there for one reason (since he's unlikely to be using his head as a ram)! Attackers can also get hold of bombs to the side of the courtyard that's in front of the final gate that leads to the relic.


Everytime I reach the end of a post, I get this awful feeling that I've left out something crucial...And knowing me, I probably have. Feel free to remind me of anything I've forgotten. I've tried to keep things simplified as much as possible, but if you have any questions, just ask...Be patient though, I am a little slow when it comes to feedback. As I learn more about Strand of the Ancients, I'll add to this blog from time to time. But until then, I hope this is of some help.


01 November 2008


I've got my helm, my helm, my helm...and also a spanking new chest piece lalala...

I swear I was beginning to despair of ever getting any decent gear, but I got some eventually...Staff is next on my list, but now I'm wondering if there's even any point.

By the time I earn it, 13 Nov will be here and there'll be kick-ass stuff for 80 which means I'll probably have to start all over again!

Sod it...Anything's got to be better than the crap I'm currently wearing. I'll worry about this again when I've levelled up.