Maximum OOM-age: January 2009

Maximum OOM-age

I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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16 January 2009


Me <<< Cries tears of joy upon reaching 80

*Sob* Finally! It's been such an emotional experience...I even made a little speech right outside the bank in SW, thanking all my loved ones…starting from my great-great-grandfather right down to my youngest cousin on my mother's side (thrice removed).

Ok, that's utter BS...The speech, I mean (not dinging 80), though this blog could possibly count towards that as I am immensely grateful to those people who have developed some very clever little addons, without which this momentous occasion would never have come to pass…I am quite prone to exaggeration. Can you not tell? But jesus…those last few bars REALLY did drag!

I'm sure everyone has a few addons they swear by. However, these are the ones I've stuck with because they haven't let me down.


Cartographer + TomTom + Atlas + AtlasLoot
Me has no sense of direction whatsoever, so you can imagine how handy these came in. Plus, I like the idea (in theory, since I hardly ever get what I want) of being able to check out what might drop before deciding if I want to do an instance.

QuestLevel + EveryQuest + LightHeaded + QuestJunkie + DoubleWide
Seriously saved me from having to google every five minutes...LightHeaded even works with TomTom / Cartographer Waypoints. Admittedly, DoubleWide isn't really necessary, but it just makes the whole set-up easier to view. QuestJunkie is also brilliant if the people in your group have it as well, since it shows you what quests others are on.

MikScrollingBattleText + Capping + Quartz + Recount + DurabilityStatus
Helps me keep track of what's going on (whether PvE or PvP) when in combat, and warns me to repair or sort myself out when my DPS falls to a crap level.

EquipCompare + RatingBuster
So much easier for me to assess my stats without having to actually equip myself with new gear, particularly those of the BoE variety…And yes, both of these addons do sync.

Gatherer + GathererDB
Without which, my mining level would probably still be in two digits.

A tad bloaty, but it's my lazy way of scanning market conditions. (Price of Saronite has gone down apparently!)

Maximum droolage over stuff I hope to acquire...

Prat + ArmoryQuickLink + QuickChatLink + ChatBar + LinkMe
Because we can't always solo...Everyone needs a boost now and again! (Besides, the whole social thing makes levelling a lot less boring!)

BagMeter + EasyMail
The other little things I probably take for granted, but would really miss if they suddenly stopped working!


I lurve playing around with new addons, but am simultaneously wary of installing them in case error messages start popping up left, right and centre…I can’t say I’ve had any major problems with the above...yet. Did I also mention I'm such an optimist?

Now that I’m a big, bad 80, I’d best concentrate on getting myself some decent gear. I had to sacrifice half of my epic flappy fund to get some new armour yesterday as I felt that was more important…Not exactly the best, but they’ll do until we get enough people to do Naxx…I really really want to do it, but our guild has no healers above lvl 40, and I hate having to rely on PUGs. Photobucket

On a happier note, my mining has gone up to 400, so that's two items I can strike off my list...Hey! This resolution thingy is actually getting me somewhere! WOOT!!!


07 January 2009

2009 WoW Resolution

Actually, this reads more like a to-do list for my main to complete before the month's out...If I pay as much attention to my own blog as my task manager in Outlook, everything in this post will most likely still be marked red mid-February...


1) Get to 80

Still not level 80 yet...Shameful, I know. But to be honest, I haven't felt the need to rush. However, now that I'm 78 (8 bars in) and so close to end-game, I might as well make a concerted effort to get it out of the way just so I can raid more with the rest of my guild mates (hence get better stuff), and start doing 2v2 Arenas with the other half (who is already 80).

2) Get Mining to 400

I have also switched my professions from Enchanting and Tailoring (was masters in both too!) to Mining and Herbalism. All that Mining power-levelling over the holidays have paid off and my Mining is even higher than my Tailoring used to be, though Herbalism (sadly) is still 1...LOL...That will be on next month's agenda most likely!!! Oh well, at least I now have more gold, which is the whole point...I earned back what I paid for Cold Weather Flying in Northrend (with interest) and may now actually be able to afford a faster flappy in the hopefully near future. YAY!!!

3) Get the Explorer title

It's one of the easiest, and doesn't rely on grouping so I thought it might be a good place to start. Next will most possibly be the Jenkins title.

4) Get my first 80 BG Gear
A bit of a long shot, but thought I'd go for it anyway...I'd prefer Season 5 Arena stuff for PvP, but do not see myself earning any of it anytime in January, so it's more realistic for me to aim lower.

5) Get a Wintergrasp Victory

Not even been there yet, so it would be interesting to see how that pans out!


This is it for now...I tend to make plans all the time, but am not exactly the best at sticking to them (no matter how well-thought out they are). If I achieve even half of what I set out to do, it will be a result!