Maximum OOM-age: July 2009

Maximum OOM-age

I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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26 July 2009


Dagger of Lunar Purity

There's a reason other players rarely ask me to join them in Heroics, and who would blame them?

Even my poor husband (who I am certain loves me dearly) hesitates when I offer my meagre assistance.

One look at my gear and you'd instantly know what kind of DPS I'm capable of...There's only one answer to that, which unfortunately places me in a catch-22 situation. I need decent gear to do raids, but the only way to get them is to raid.

I have very few options open at this stage...either grit my teeth to do what needs to be done, and suffer the humiliation that's coming...or shut up and stick to fishing.

Or is there another way?

Since doing the Argent Tournament dailies, I've come across other items, like the Dagger of Lunar Purity which I could have for 25 Champion's Seals. I don't think it's a terrible replacement for my crusty lollipop of a Staff (conspicuously 10 levels lower than it should be, especially to seasoned PvP-ers, nevermind looking like the bright pink beacon that it is)...for now anyway.

It's not a solution, but a quick fix, and a damned sight less laughable compared to what I'm equipped with now.

UPDATED: 27 July 2009 @ 12:29

Change of plan...I made about 500 gold last night and found a Titansteel Spellblade in the AH, so I decided to buy it. That wasn't my original intention, but then I thought there was no point hoarding all this gold, especially as I've also been doing dailies regularly, so yeah...sod it! The upside is that I can now carry something off-hand to make up for the tiny spell crit-deficit, and realised I had Faces of Doom in the bank (can't even remember where that came from!) which can now be put to good use.

Still gonna finish off the Argent Valiant / Champion quest chain though, 'cos it's fun fun fun!


14 July 2009

Some time much later...

Anyone following
The Lava Trolley will not be surprised to see another post on here with the same heading...I have not blogged for quite some time.

A lot has happened in my life this year, greatly affecting my gametime. It's actually been almost two weeks since I logged into WoW, which must be a first for me - someone so desperate she took the trouble to download it to her dad's old machine when on a three-week holiday in Singapore last month...It didn't run very well, as you'd expect.

Withdrawal symptoms haven't quite kicked in yet, but it won't have time to since I intend to make good use of my subscription again before the end of July. Anyway, I haven't been completely idle.

Since my last entry, I have finally managed to get hold of that long-anticipated epic flappy, as you can see from my pic.

5K gold, thank you very much...And of course, Patch 3.1 had to come out straight after that, along with Dual Spec...Another 1K gold. Great. Fabulous. Fortunately, there wasn't the cost of a mount to top it all off.

It seems all I've done lately is farm for gold to replace whatever I've spent...and grinding for rep (never forget that!). At least I now have the Sons of Hodir shoulder enchantment and Pengu to show for it! Oh, and my herbie is now 450 too...Result!

Since WotLK, I have become a big fat (and feathery) Achievement Whore addicted to festival quests and Argent Tournament dailies...Somewhere along the way, I must have lost the plot because that appears to have taken over my goal to increase raiding and PvP.

Anyhow, you make the game whatever you want it to be...Not that this has improved my gear (and consequently DPS) in any way, shape, or form (literally).

Perhaps my playstyle just needs some adjustment...Perhaps I'm stuck in a routine.

You hear a lot of people slating Balance Druids, and I do agree with them to a certain extent. It's a pretty difficult class to master, but once past that stage, it's also a pretty tough class to beat. Rarely do I see a Moonkin hold its own against Feral, but it truly is a joy to watch when the beaked one does kick ass (even if he is Horde) because it means someone really (and I mean REALLY) knows what he's doing. You can learn a lot from that.

You're probably wondering why the hell I didn't roll a Mage if I'm so crap at melee. The simple answer is that I was a lazy noob
then (more so than now...yes, that is possible), and couldn't be bothered doing a bit of research beforehand. Also, I was new to gaming so I actually didn't know what playstyle would suit me. A hybrid seemed a good choice.

Big mistake.

Obviously, now I do know I am shit at everything but spell-casting (and only mediocre at that), it's a bit too late...about 80 levels too late, I should say. The very thought of putting myself through the whole process again makes me want to stick a very large pitchfork through my very small eyeball.

I console myself by saying I like the challenge.

Be that as it may, I find myself no further forward and so will welcome any advice coming my way.

PS - My guild Leap of Faith (oh the irony!) has also dissolved (kind of), so I'm on the lookout for another one...preferably semi-casual, with enough friendly and reliable 80s who are around regularly and keen on raiding, though not quite fanatic enough to do so 24/7...I would like a life that's not entirely pixel-dependant.