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I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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17 August 2009

Frozen Tear of Elune



After a marathon session of doing HCs from yesterday afternoon to late night with some other players from my guild, I have
finally managed to get enough emblems for the Frozen Tear of Elune. Other stuff dropped as well, but this item was most significant since it replaced the Choker of Binding...Massive difference!

As of today, I no longer have any greens!!! WOOT!

Yes, I know I am a long way off from being IMBA, but I'm getting there!

Like I said, I am now in a guild (my hubby introduced me since he joined first), and it's called New Moon. Everyone's been very friendly and helpful, so I'm really grateful to have got the invite from Neolyn (and also thanks to GM Haduken). Plus, I've noticed members often raid...a lot.

Being in a guild has also taken care of the random solicitations. It seems most people can't stand the thought of a level 80 not having that extra tag under their name. Oh well, I knew for awhile that David would soon ask if I could be a part of New Moon, so I held out...An added bonus: ex-GM Arcadiu from Leap of Faith is now a member too! Aaaaw, it really is great to be able to team up with old friends again! Photobucket

On another note, though not completely unrelated, I've just remembered that I've got a few other posts about gaming on my main blog. This split has confused matters slightly...for me anyway. I can't really import them to Maximum OOM-age (nor am I bothered enough to find out how!), so I'll just include their links here, in no particular order. Thankfully, there aren't that many of them!

Eat fish...
Fire in the Hole!
SL Odyssey

Updated: 19 August 2009 @ 10:26
Our guild now has a site! Linkage has been included above.Photobucket

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13 August 2009

Banging your head against a brick wall...


...or a purple swirly thing in this instance!

Blizzard ought to sort it out...I'm sick of being told that
"additional instances cannot be launched" everytime I want to do a HC.

Entry to VH last night was a bit of a 'mare, with people threatening to leave the group if we couldn't get in. (The suggestion to attempt AN instead did not go down all that idea why.) Anyway, we got lucky in the end. A good thing too, because I was only three bars away from being Revered with Kirin Tor.

So a big
/thanks to everyone who helped, including hubby David and another friend Extactos, I now have my Head Enchantment and more emblems (of course!) to add to my collection!

By the way, for those who use wowTwitter, this is me. If I do update it often enough (or find a way to do it from within the game), I might include a feed in the right-hand panel, but that's a project for the future.

Right now, I have a bit of a 'situation' with my addons!


07 August 2009

Patches make me go 'Arrrrr'!

Or perhaps it ought to be 'Aaaaarrgh'!!!

Prior to 3.2, there was a rumour going round that Druids would have their talents re-set, but I needn't have worried 'cos that turned out to be untrue. Then, as if to make up for something NOT going wrong, my addons got all messed up with error codes popping up left, right, and centre.

Dunno why I'm so bothered...I should be used to it by now. This happens every single time since it does take a few days for the updates to catch up. A justifiable wait, but nonetheless a pain, made more so when you find out some developers have decided they just can't be bothered anymore.

Oh well, nevermind. There's always an alternative.

I can't say I've found this current patch as exciting as the last. Sure, there're new Druid forms, but none for Moonkins. No significant changes to our spells either, though I guess I just ought to be thankful the existing ones didn't get nerfed.

What I am pleased about though, is the expansion of Argent Tournament. It really is worth doing when you get to that level, and not just for the Mounted Squire (8 mins CD? Forget it!).

This is a phase of 'firsts' for me. I've completed my first Heroic in Gundrak, a success in more ways than one since Slithering Slippers dropped. Being the worst-geared in my group, I got to roll Need for it. Since then, I have done other Heroics, including Halls of Lightning, which is apparently one of the toughest 5-Man (we wiped on my very first attempt, but then I was mainly still in 70 gear at the time).

But you know, all of them have been very difficult for me, so I haven't really been able to tell the difference. I'm just happy that most of the players I've grouped with have been very good (like our friend, Photobucket Goemon), and thankful that they didn't mind doing runs with me.

I wish I could say my team's also won our first match in Arena, but PvP has gone down in my list of priorities. However, David (aka Gumpert aka Eldorand) and I did do something we've been meaning to for quite awhile. We went Dragon Whelps a-killin, and finally got the Jenkins title. Another milestone!!! Did I mention I've got the Darnassus one too? Photobucket

I've now reached Grand Master in all my professions, which means I've been able to start on Katherine Lee's Cooking dailies to earn more Kirin Tor rep for Arcanum of Burning Mysteries.

Despite the shiny new Achievements I've gained, it's not been WoW all the way. After my new GPU got installed, I gave EVE a go, and also explored Twinity.

My thoughts so far:



EVE - A great game, although not one for which I will give up WoW since I have already invested so much time in the latter. But EVE does look really good, and appeals to the Sci-Fi fan in me. I like the fact that you can make the game whatever you want it to be, and so far, soloing is very much feasible...even the shooty-shooty bits didn't get me as flustered as I thought they would. WoW will still be my main game, but I'll log into Warp Heaven from time to time.


Twinity - A mirror universe of Singapore was the catch, and what better time to experience that than National Day 2009 when corresponding events were launched? But seriously, that was the only characteristic I liked of the game. The lag was almost as bad as Second Life...except SL has much more going for it. Better controls and more flexible AV design options for one...No wait, that was two. What I am hoping for, though, is Twinity to link SIMs to real world shops. How great would it be if I could enter a virtual Ngee Ann City to interact with stores (eg. Takashimaya) that are in the actual building thousands of miles away?! ICHIBAN!!! Photobucket


Back to WoW.

Druids may soon get some good news if I've read this Q&A right...It might be a long time coming, but it will give us something to look forward to!

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