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Maximum OOM-age

I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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13 August 2009

Banging your head against a brick wall...


...or a purple swirly thing in this instance!

Blizzard ought to sort it out...I'm sick of being told that
"additional instances cannot be launched" everytime I want to do a HC.

Entry to VH last night was a bit of a 'mare, with people threatening to leave the group if we couldn't get in. (The suggestion to attempt AN instead did not go down all that idea why.) Anyway, we got lucky in the end. A good thing too, because I was only three bars away from being Revered with Kirin Tor.

So a big
/thanks to everyone who helped, including hubby David and another friend Extactos, I now have my Head Enchantment and more emblems (of course!) to add to my collection!

By the way, for those who use wowTwitter, this is me. If I do update it often enough (or find a way to do it from within the game), I might include a feed in the right-hand panel, but that's a project for the future.

Right now, I have a bit of a 'situation' with my addons!



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