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17 August 2009

Frozen Tear of Elune



After a marathon session of doing HCs from yesterday afternoon to late night with some other players from my guild, I have
finally managed to get enough emblems for the Frozen Tear of Elune. Other stuff dropped as well, but this item was most significant since it replaced the Choker of Binding...Massive difference!

As of today, I no longer have any greens!!! WOOT!

Yes, I know I am a long way off from being IMBA, but I'm getting there!

Like I said, I am now in a guild (my hubby introduced me since he joined first), and it's called New Moon. Everyone's been very friendly and helpful, so I'm really grateful to have got the invite from Neolyn (and also thanks to GM Haduken). Plus, I've noticed members often raid...a lot.

Being in a guild has also taken care of the random solicitations. It seems most people can't stand the thought of a level 80 not having that extra tag under their name. Oh well, I knew for awhile that David would soon ask if I could be a part of New Moon, so I held out...An added bonus: ex-GM Arcadiu from Leap of Faith is now a member too! Aaaaw, it really is great to be able to team up with old friends again! Photobucket

On another note, though not completely unrelated, I've just remembered that I've got a few other posts about gaming on my main blog. This split has confused matters slightly...for me anyway. I can't really import them to Maximum OOM-age (nor am I bothered enough to find out how!), so I'll just include their links here, in no particular order. Thankfully, there aren't that many of them!

Eat fish...
Fire in the Hole!
SL Odyssey

Updated: 19 August 2009 @ 10:26
Our guild now has a site! Linkage has been included above.Photobucket

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