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17 November 2009

Santa Hacka


Getting one's account hacked is generally the sort of situation that ends in a fit of projectile WTFs rather than FTWs. It's not often you hear of anyone in position to rejoice as a result of identity theft, but that was where I found myself a few weeks ago.

I'd not been gaming for quite awhile, so was more than a bit puzzled to receive an email confirming that my WoW account had been merged with a one under the name of Seymour.

I'm sure some would agree it's a nice enough name, but sadly, not one of mine. Naturally, this was cause for concern.

Had I merged my accounts sooner, you wouldn't be reading this right now, but I procrastinated and paid the price. Blizzard claims that compromised accounts are usually the result of keyloggers on your comp. That is true in most cases, though unlikely in mine.

I'd found a couple of 'new' gaming networks and signed up to test them out, but stupidly registered using the same username and password as WoW. I stopped using the sites almost immediately because I soon discovered they were poorly designed and didn't work properly, but nothing twigged until I got hacked.

Fortunately, I was planning to install Windows 7 that weekend anyway, so an extended session of gaming wasn't on the agenda. By the time my new system was up and running, Blizzard had already wrested my account back from Seymour (not his real name), and reimbursed all my gold and items.

Can't say I was quite prepared for the lovely surprise in store for me though!

That a hacker would even bother with any of my characters, given that my main isn't particularly well-geared, baffled me initially. Well, the reason is now apparent!

Not only were the original items that belonged to me returned, my bags and bank were full of looty goodness, including (but not limited to) Frost Lotus, tons of gems, Deviate Fish and Titanium Ore...One short trip to the AH, and it was like Christmas had come early!

During the 48 hours he played my main, Seymour-the-Hacker did nothing but farm. All he needed was a character with all proffs levelled to the max. Not that I want to seem ungrateful or anything, but Seymour would have been able to farm stuff more quickly for me had he used my tracking macro, which I had kindly taken the trouble to keybind...Just a bit of constructive criticism there!

Still, I'm not complaining. I am now the proud owner of shiny things! Thanks Santa...I mean, Seymour. You should really consider this as a career option.

No, wait...

If anyone is experiencing any gold shortage, I suggest the Hire-a-Hacker route. I know a guy who goes by the name of Seymour. He comes highly recommended.



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