Maximum OOM-age: December 2009

Maximum OOM-age

I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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29 December 2009

Winter Hat - I Haz It


It had been so long since I'd done Nexus, I was quite worried I'd screw up. Plus, Squawk and Awe didn't seem to be showing my procs properly due to problems with the update for 3.3. But lucky for me, the Red Winter Hat dropped after our first attempt at Grand Magus Telestra and I won the roll.

Only one more achievement away from Merrymaker...All I have to do is acquire 50 honourable kills as a Little Helper. I am a bit miffed that I can't retain my Moonkin form beneath the gnome disguise, but hey ho, I suppose I'll manage somehow.

It can't be more tedious than grinding for Argent Dawn rep.


David became Argent Champion a few days ago, even though I got to Revered before he even started. Damn him!

Oh well, at least I can say I've got the hat, and he can' nerr!

I guess I should stop pissing about and get my arse back to WPL. Not long to go now. I'm just a few bars away from Exalted for both Argent Dawn and Argent Crusade.

Will update this blog if I get either one of the above-mentioned titles before the year's out.