Maximum OOM-age: January 2010

Maximum OOM-age

I have Mana-Management issues...And it's driving me to drink.

If Moonfire Spam has taken you to the same place as me, good luck.

Don't look at me for more pots, 'cos I ain't got none left and my Innervate's on CD.

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01 January 2010

Happy Fuckin' Everything

Seemed like a good time to get our annual greetings out of the way!

I thought the festive season off-work would give me more time to play WoW, but I should have known better. Real life usually intrudes, especially when you're a casual gamer like me.

Perhaps one day I will be able to take things to the next level, but I don't see that happening this year. I may even find myself blogging less. Already I am plagiarising my other blog so I won't have to keep typing the same things again.

No new year's resolution, although I do have certain projects lined up, such as re-vamping my site and building a Retro Radio PC. We shall have to see...

I have gained many achievements in WoW 2009, but vanity ones aside, I am happiest with finally getting my DPS up to 2K (albeit buffed to the max). It was rather pathetic before.

Here are some screenshots of me testing out rotations on heroic dummies, with recount meter showing a reasonable figure for my gear.



There will probably be much to look forward to in 2010, especially if that's when the next WoW expansion comes out (though that does seem rather quick). But in the meantime, I'd like to wish all the best to everyone, whatever your game is.

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